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Chris’ First Solo Flight

We are celebrating Chris Francis, a flight instruction student’s, first solo flight in the C-172 on January 30th! Chris has been taking flight instruction at Cape Air Charter since November 2018, great flying Chris!

Friendship Is A Gift

Flashback to a flight held on March 10th, 2011, where a beautifully written entry in a guest flight log was crafted during a flight in the Pilatus PC12. Thank you to this anonymous poet for sharing your experience and friendship with us.

Cessna 172 Recent Updates

Our very nice Cessna 172 has undergone some recent upgrades.  We have installed a Lycoming factory overhauled engine, new power flow exhaust (adds 10 hp), new engine baffles and a new graphic engine monitoring system.  It is equipped with dual Comm/Navs, a Garmin GNS 400W GPS and ADS B transponder. This 172 is ready to [...]
passengers in cabin before flight

Why You Should Fly Charter vs. Commercial

Flying can be one of the most stressful activities of our day. From what to pack, to going through security, and not to mention the long lines you experience during your time at the airport. What people don’t take into account is the ease of flying charter vs. commercially. When flying a commercial flight, there […]