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Cape Air Charter is your premiere source for aircraft charter throughout the US and beyond. Our friendly, professional staff puts the customer first with our modern aircraft and exceptional service.

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Cape Air Charter offers air travel for business and personal use. We customize air travel to provide SIMPLICITY, FLEXIBITIY, CONVENIENCE, PEACE OF MIND and AFFORDABILITY with SAFETY AS OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!

What are the benefits of utilizing Cape Air Charter service?

We have the industry knowledge, experience, expertise and, equally important, the equipment to ensure that you receive the right aircraft at the right price. Our qualified staff will handle all of the tedious details associated with organizing a successful private air charter; saving you time and money. Your safety and comfort is our primary concern.

Single Engine Turbo

Passenger Seats 7
Air Conditioned
Pressurized Cabin

Pressurized Twin Engine 

Passenger Seats 5
Air Conditioned
Club Seating
Pressurized Cabin

Affordability - You can save money - “time is money” and in most cases traveling in groups of three or more can be more cost effective when chartering your own private aircraft versus flying commercial airlines. In addition, you can also often save parking, hotel costs and per diem costs.

Flexibility - Chartered flights save you time as you decide and alter the flight schedule to meet your needs. You determine the departure and arrival times as you see fit.

Convenience - Avoid the masses at the general terminals, check-ins, delays, connecting flights, layovers and lost luggage.

Accessibility - With access to over 5,000 airports we can get you closer to you destination than commercial airlines.

Restrictions - With private air charters there are fewer restrictions on luggage and passengers than on commercial flights.

Privacy - Enhanced levels of comfort, privacy and security.

Comfort - You select the service level you want. You can make productive "office time" of the flight or just relax to help you feel prepared for that important meeting. Every request is handled individually, and the conditions of each request are taken into consideration.





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